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Boyd Taylor

In a former life, Boyd Taylor was a lawyer and an officer of a large chemical company. A native of Temple, Texas, he graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a B.A. in government and an LL.B. from the law school.

Boyd has written fiction all his life. He was enrolled in Dr. Gerald Langford's creative writing course at the University of Texas, who advised him to go to law school. He continued his fiction-writing career as a staff attorney for a major oil company and as an executive writing long range business plans for a large chemical company.

Taylor lives with his wife in Austin, Texas. He has committed to her to write a novel a year and to keep to his study and his trusty Underwood typewriter, out of harm's way.

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hero of jacinto

The Hero of San Jacinto

by Boyd Taylor, published by Katherine Brown Press

In Boyd Taylor's new novel "The Hero of San Jacinto" Donnie Ray Cuinn survives on the resources of love, courage, friendship and family.

When budding historian Donnie Ray Cuinn stumbles upon an old letter in the musty bowels of the Texas State Archives, he believes he has uncovered the true story of Sam Payne's valiant, or perhaps not so valiant capture of Mexican leader Santa Anna during the Battle of San Jacinto. Cuinn's findings are published in a local magazine.

But the article eventually becomes fodder in the gubernatorial race between Democratic upstart Bob Braeswood and Republican favorite Sam Eben Payne V, the great-great-grandson of the Texas hero. Braeswood is intent on exploiting the past, while Payne will do anything to suppress it. In the ensuing battle, Donnie finds his beliefs, not to mention his relationships, stretched to the limit.

- Max Sherman, former Dean, LBJ School, University of Texas calls The Hero of San Jacinto,
"Political intrigue at its best."


the antelope play

The Antelope Play

by Boyd Taylor

When Austin native Donnie Cuinn accepts a job as an associate in a Texas Panhandle law firm, his boredom and disdain for Velda, a sleepy Texas town, is forgotten when he gets caught up in a struggle over water rights, possible radioactive contamination of the nation’s largest underground fresh water supply, and the violence of an invading Mexican drug cartel. Along the way, Donnie learns to respect the local rancher, whose brother is at the center of the troubles, and to come to terms with the violent death of his young Mexican wife.

Taylor takes us on a scenic tour of Austin events and sights through the eyes of our 28-year old drunken playboy protagonist without asking his reader to deal with the atrocious Austin traffic.


Connie Carson

Reading has always been one of Connie's favorite past times. During her early school years her favorite reading material was about animals, especially horses. While in high school she began reading historical fiction and claims to have learned more history from fiction than from text books. Shortly before retiring from her government job Connie decided to write a book of her own.

She didn't know what time frame she wanted to write about but knew she wanted it to be something about the settling of early America. After much research and thought she chose to begin by writing about life during the American Revolution.

Besides writing Connie enjoys doing volunteer work at the animal shelter in her hometown of Austin, Texas. While writing her first book, Colonial Romance, Connie got to know the characters so well she decided not to end the saga there. Hence came The Bugle's Call, about the second generation of the Black family. Texas Bound is the third book in the series about the adventures of the Black family.


Colonial Romance

by Connie Carson

Vickie has her doubts when her father tells her he has found the perfect husband for her. When they go to the Black's family plantation and she meets Charles she finds him nice but knows he's not the man for her. Then his older brother comes into the room. One look into his smiling eyes and her heart suddenly stops and her knees go weak. It is possible to fall in love with a man you have just met? To her surprise as time passes she finds she's willing to fight to keep this man, and she does.

Nick has never believed in love at first sight but when he walks into the house and sees Vickie he begins to doubt those thoughts. He can't be attracted to her, she's just a girl, barely out of the schoolroom. As the months pass and he sees more of her his feelings grow and he knows his first impression was right. But in spite of his feelings he can't ask for her hand. He has other obligations that can't be put aside.

Together they face the adversities life in early America during the American Revolution presents them. Challenges to their personal lives come from the battlefield as well as the political arena. Some they face together. Others they must face alone.


Jack Rosshirt

A retired lawyer, Jack primarily worked on international matters, lived overseas, and is an avid reader.


Kenyan Quest

by Jack Rosshirt

A retired American oil executive, an Italian, a World War II concentration camp guard, a reformed IRA terrorist, and a neo-Nazi all sit down for dinner at a mission in the Kenyan desert. How--and why--they each came to be there is the intriguing story of "Kenyan Quest."


Return to Dublin

by Jack Rosshirt

Jack says his global travels inspired him to write the stories included here, as a way to "illustrate universal truths about human nature."

"Including six noteworthy cases of Bledsoe Flax, Esq., a people's attorney" an attorney whose idealism still lives in his heart.